The (Saintly) Monster

Beowulf and Beyond Beowulf have their share of monsters but there are others. I wrote not long ago about the recent elections in which some monsters were slain and others revealed. But for a couple of years now I have also been speaking of “The Monster” in reference to a book project that outweighed any other I have done.

The project is called A Year with American Saints and its goal was to select 365 noteworthy American Christians and produce about a thousand words of material on each, roughly divided between biography and their own words.

Identifying that many individuals, many far from well-known, and finding the requisite amount of material on each has been a monster of a project. Even with a co-author, Pastor Scott Cady, it has consumed my time with the same ease with which Grendel consumed Hrothgar’s warriors.

365,000 words translates into a book that weighs over two pounds and that will also consume a great many trees.

But as of November 18 the project is complete and I have held the book in my hands. I am now beginning to schedule reading/signing events with my co-author when possible and by myself otherwise.

The schedule below reflects this shifting of emphasis. I am still working at finding events for Beyond Beowulf and will have it available for sale at all the Saints events. If you would like to encounter either monster, let me know!

The Calendar

All events are for both talking and signing unless otherwise noted.

Beyond Beowulf
December 6 – 5 p.m. Kent Memorial Library, Kent, CT
April 12, 2007 – Glens Falls Library, Glens Falls, NY
August 15, 2007 – Author’s Roundtable at Border Books, Fairfield, CT

American Saints
December 17 – 4 p.m. Cornwall Library, Cornwall, CT
December 20 – 2 pm Geer Village, Cornwall, CT
January 7 – 4 p.m. American Saints, St. Andrew’s Church, Kent, CT
January 25 – American Saints, Heritage Society, Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

Many of you have been helpful in arranging these dates, but, as you can see, there are other dates available! If you can suggest libraries, bookstores, retirement communities, or other possible venues, please post suggestions! Many thanks!

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