Slaying the Monster: Part II

Now that the elections are over, it seems to me that there is work to be done to make the next one better. There are real-life monsters corrupting our society and we need to deal with them.

For example, can we deal with one of the worst abuses of our patience, the so-called “robo phone calls”? . Why should we have to put up with taped messages from Bill Clinton or anyone else at dinner time? I heard accusations that Republicans were using purported taped messages from Democrats in the middle of the night to annoy Democratic voters and drive them away from their party. Rush Limbaugh accused Democrats of doing the same thing to Republicans. Isn’t this the right time to wrote to our representatives and ask what they can do to outlaw such annoyances?

And then, why wouldn’t this be the moment to make sure that Iowa isn’t the only state with a non-partisan districting committee. I met campaign workers in recent days who didn’t know what district they were in themselves because the lines are so convoluted to favor incumbents. But Connecticut is a fairly evenly divided state and had three close races. Most states are not that way and districts are created to favor incumbents. Wouldn’t this be a good time to end the gerrymandering and create logical election districts?

It’s no wonder we’re having trouble establishing a democracy in Iraq when our own is so flawed. The next election process could be better if we do some of these things now while the memories are fresh.

Write your representatives now! Slay some monsters! Only if you get involved are things going to change.

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