Christopher L. Webber, a graduate of Princeton University and the General Theological Seminary in New York (with two earned degrees and an honorary doctorate from the latter) , is the author of a number of books ranging from a guidebook for Vestries to a study of Christian marriage. He has also written hymns included in several major hymnals in the United States and Canada. His most recent books are Dear Friends: Letters of St Paul to Christians in AmericaAmerican to the Backbone, a biography of James W.C. Pennington, a remarkable pre-Civil War abolition leader, Welcome to Christian Faith, an introduction to Christian life and teaching, Beyond Beowulf, the first-ever sequel to the old English saga, Beowulf, and A Year with American Saints, co-authored with Lutheran Pastor G. Scott Cady, which presents, stories of 365 men and women of every Christian tradition who have helped shape American life over four centuries. Other books include A Traveler’s Prayer Book, an introduction to the Episcopal Church called Welcome to the Episcopal Church, and Re-Thinking Marriage, the complete background to the current debate over a definition of marriage.

Webber has given lectures and workshops on his various books in a number of states and has given readings from Beyond Beowulf in libraries and bookstores as well as on television. He has also lectured on Islam in the Connecticut area.

Webber grew up in Cuba, New York, and lived in Brooklyn, Tokyo, and Bronxville, New York after being ordained.  He has climbed Mt. Fuji as well as the highest peaks in New York and New England, traveled widely in Europe and Asia, and makes several gallons of maple syrup annually to distribute to family and friends.

He now lives in San Francisco where he is enjoying city life after twenty years in rural Connecticut.