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Christian Psalms for Worship and Prayer

Christian Psalms for Worship and Prayer

The familiar biblical psalms are a basic and irreplaceable part of Christian worship, but they come from an age so distant from ours that a few are no longer usable and none reflect the experience of Christians over the centuries. Christians have, of course, written hymns, but most of the ones we use come from the last two hundred years and few have the meditative quality of the Biblical psalms. In Christian Psalms for Worship and Prayer Christopher L. Webber has constructed psalms from the writings of the greatest teachers and witnesses in Christian history: Saint Augustine, Julien of Norwich, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, and many more. Recommended for private prayer and meditation as well as congregational use in worship.


Dear Friends

DearFriendsThe Letters of St. Paul to Christians in America
Among the most read books of the Bible are the letters written by St. Paul to young churches in Rome and scattered around the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.  Whether in private reading or in study groups, millions of Christians and even nonbelievers often ask themselves, “What did this mean to those who first read it?”  and, “What does this mean for me?”
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The Beowulf Trilogy

The first work of literature in the English language ends with a question:  “What will happen now?”  With Beowulf’s death, his people would be unprotected.  What will happen now?  For over a thousand years that question went unanswered.  Six years ago, I published Beyond Beowulf and that question was answered.  Wiglaf, Beowulf’s young companion in the fight against the dragon became the new leader and helped the tribe find a new home in spite of storms and trolls and a Saxon army.  But the question was answered from a warrior’s viewpoint.  Wasn’t there a need for a broader perspective?  What about Wiglaf’s wife and family?

Now the publication of The Beowulf Trilogy provides the complete picture.  Here we have the text of Beowulf provided in a new alliterated translation.  Here we have the missing larger perspective in Yrfa’s Tale.


Give us Grace

Give Us Grace provides an overview of Anglican prayers from the beginning of that tradition up to the present day. A collection that spans the ages and the continents, the book is arranged chronologically, from writers such as Miles Coverdale and Thomas Cranmer, through the sixteenth-century, and continuing with contemporary writers such as Desmond Tutu, David Adam, Madeleine L’Engle, and others. Biographies of each writer are provided. Prayers from a variety of Anglican prayer books, such as the First Primer of Edward VI, the New Zealand Prayer Book, and prayer books from South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Canada, Australia, and others also are included.




American to the Backbone

American to the Backbone
The incredible story of a forgotten hero of nineteenth century New York City, James Pennington—a former slave, Yale scholar, minister, and international leader of the Antebellum abolitionist movement.



An American Prayer Book

An American Prayer Book

An American Prayer Book includes prayers for our country, prayers for American festivals, and prayers from our history. Authors of the prayers include Woodrow Wilson, Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the first Muslim to offer a prayer in the United States Senate. The prayers reflect such aspects of American history as the abolition of slavery, the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, the bombing of Hiroshima, child labor, immigration, and the Gulf Wars. Prayer has always been central to American life but this book may be the first systematic attempt to make these prayers available. Ecumenical and inter-faith, this is an important resource for clergy and a useful book for all those who believe in the importance of asking God’s guidance in our national life. Read more…



A Year with American Saints

A Year with American SaintsA broad and inclusive cross section of American pilgrims of faith from all periods of American history and all major Christian faith traditions; their accomplishments and spiritual journeys are examples of perseverance, courage, and holiness.



Re-Inventing Marriage

Marriage has evolved over the centuries; it was not always as in Victoria’s day and is evolving still. This book asks whether we can shape our biological urges toward the highest ideals of the human race. The anger that fuels today’s debate so often is grounded in ignorance. This book provides the overview needed to enable us to raise our sights and take some first steps toward a better future for all.