Which Way to the Emerald City?

So at last our leader has ventured forth to tell us the obvious: we need to focus on renewable energy. And guess who responds? Just as we are beginning to focus on the direction to the emerald green city of the future, the Wicked Witch of the Northwest appears to tell us the President is “using this crisis, not letting it go to waste . . . to increase the cost of energy.”

Right, Sarah, and did you think”Drill, baby, drill” is free? Do you think BP will pay the cost of the clean up and not pass it on to the customers? Do you think there’s enough oil in Alaska to fuel the economy forever?

For fear of another 9/11 we pour men and money into Iraq and Afghanistan but down the road is a crisis that will make 9/11 seem tame. Just wait until everyone in China and India has an SUV and guess what oil will cost then? The time is now and the cost may be significant but the cost of delay is so far greater that even timid politicians may see the need to act. Leadership involves understanding where we are headed and correcting the course while there is time. Leadership involves not frightening the citizens about taxes but educating them about their long term interests.

The frightened and frugal housewife defends her purse but, Sarah, you’re on a bigger stage. The woman of wisdom sees the future and prepares for it while there is time.


LarryJune 19th, 2010 at 5:54 pm

One of the better articles I’ve read on this subject recently; much food for thought:


LarryJune 19th, 2010 at 5:59 pm

p.s. I would like to point out though, that the Bill Maher comment quoted in that article linked above is far too glib on the subject of what happens when wind turbines collapse. It could cause considerable calamity in Cape Cod, for example. (sorry for the over-alliteration!)

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