What Would Beowulf Do? Part II

What Would Beowulf Do? Part II

Having given opinions on the Republican candidates, I had meant to do in the Democratic candidates – but events intervened. If the monsters in Washington are to be slain, I think a Democratic candidate is likelier to pull it off. But which one?

It’s a tough choice. Someone sent me a quiz recently designed to help the perplexed voter find the most congenial candidate. Those who have taken it have been surprised. I was myself. I’ll provide the link below so you can do it also.

I should note first of all that I took the quiz twice and changed my position on Iraq. The results were the same. Either choice I made, no candidate in either party agreed with me. But I don’t agree with myself about Iraq. Some days I want to get the bull out of the china shop; other days I want to repair the damage.

Either way, the quiz says I should vote for Chris Dodd. Well, why not? The conventional wisdom is that he doesn’t have enough support. My criticism would be that he’s boring. He’s been my senator for over a dozen years and I can’t complain of anything he’s done. Nor do I remember any significant leadership he’s shown. But he’s on the right side of some issues the major candidates have ducked – like the death penalty. Clinton, Obama, Edwards, et al say they favor the death penalty for certain crimes. They must know better, so I assume they are bowing to popular opinion – and that’s points off in my book. Dodd, Kucinich, and Ron Paul are the only candidates willing to take a stand on that – and I respect them for it.

But back to Chris Dodd. Yes. Maybe we need someone a bit on the boring side who has strong beliefs and long experience of Washington.

Another good choice would be Bill Richardson. Probably no one else has such broad experience in such a wide range of domestic and foreign affairs.

I like John Edwards too but he worries me a bit with a protectionist streak.

Then there’s Dennis Kucinich who represents, as they say, “the Democratic wing” of the Democratic Party.” The opinion quiz made him my second choice. Yes, but he doesn’t look or sound like a president.. Putin’s not very big either, but he looks serious. Kucinich seems to be enjoying himself too much.

Obama? Sure, why not? Is he too much in the Kennedy mold? I remember the Kennedy years and the impression I had then that he didn’t have the experience to get things done. Johnson was more effective. It’s not just having ideas and ideals but knowing how to get it done. Does he know that?

Clinton? Doesn’t inspire me. Doesn’t seem to lead from ideals.

Biden? Knows foreign policy. Has ideals. Don Imus’ favorite candidate. Makes a good senator.

So here’s the link. Try it yourself and see whether you too are a secret supporter of Chris Dodd.


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LibbyDecember 15th, 2007 at 9:51 am

I am, I am, Dad! What a surprise! But it was the death penalty thing that swung it for me, I guess–and that I am not with Kucinich on Iraq (though, like you, I don’t quite know where I am…)

The fact that Biden is Don Imus’s favorite candidate just took him down several notches for me. Richardson and Obama are the other two that interest me.

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