Beyond Beowulf

Why am I starting a blog?

“Everyone else is doing it?”

That’s a possible reason for starting a blog – but not one that ever cut much ice with me.

How about “Because I’m trying to get attention for my latest book?” That probably gets closer to the facts. I do need to get attention for Beyond Beowulf. But more of that later.

Today’s adventure was an interview with Sam Waterston on the subject of BB. Have you ever worked with a professional actor one on one? A new adventure for me. And further evidence that I do better as a soloist – preacher, reader, monologist. Come to think if it, I’m a natural for blogs. Plenty of time to think about the next line and no need to respond until I’m good and ready.

The interview will be on local cable shortly and on streaming computer later. I’ll let you know. Meanwhile I’m still learning to blog.

So we’ll see how it goes. This is just to break the ice. If you log on, expect to find lots of stuff about BB, some stuff about other books I’ve been reading or writing, and probably times when the subject du jour will be the garden or the family.

Right now, the goal is simply to find out whether I have indeed created my first-ever blog and ask a few – a chosen few – to check it out and respond.


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