The Vestry Handbook

An Episcopal Church classic and must-have book for all congregations, written by a known and respected author and priest

Revised and updated to reflect changes in canon law and to include discussion of additional subjects such as sexual misconduct and safe-church training

The Vestry Handbook was first published in 1988 and a revised edition was published in 2000 and this third revised edition was published in 2011. Over that span of time it has sold nearly 90,000 copies and continues to sell well each year.

Inevitably, such a working guidebook becomes out of date if not revised at regular intervals. The Canons of the church change and new issues confront Vestries.

The author consulted diocesan administrators, other clergy, the Church Deployment Office, and the Church Pension Fund for this timely revision. Canons, resource listings, financial information, continuing education, technology issues, plus how to deal with current tensions in the Anglican Communion and a myriad of other spot revisions can be found throughout this completely updated edition.