Dear Friends: The Letters of St. Paul to Christians in America

Among the most read books of the Bible are the letters written by St. Paul to young churches in Rome and scattered around the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.  Whether in private reading or in study groups, millions of Christians and even nonbelievers often ask themselves, “What did this mean to those who first read it?”  and, “What does this mean for me?”

To help people answer that question, scholars have written careful analyses of Paul’s letters and provided new translations that seek to provide Paul’s words in our own language.  Nevertheless these translations and paraphrases continue to give us Paul’s opinion on issues of importance to first century Christians and these are not always the same as the issues that concern us.

These, then, are letters Paul might write to the churches of America today.  They are offered to the churches and individuals for study in confidence that those who study these letters with open minds and prayerful hearts can grow in understanding and make a better witness to others as a result.

Praise for Dear Friends

“I cannot think of a better way for both beginning and life-long Christians to engage and renew their faith. Eminently readable, accessible, and yet highly sophisticated…”
Gary Hall, Dean, Washington National Cathedral

“The idea is inspired . . .   Both imaginative and faithful . .  undoubtedly a brilliant book.”
– Ian S. Markham, Dean and President Virginia Theological Seminary

“A devoted and bold effort to apply Paul’s thought about the world as he knew it, to the world we live in now.”
– Edward F. Duffy, Presbyterian Pastor and Hartford Seminary Professor

“. . .  compellingly captures Paul’s voice and expression in this series of new letters on contemporary themes.”
– Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, Dean of Faculty, Claremont School of Theology

“Webber’s imaginative and faithful retelling . . . is a wonderful example of the translatability of the Good News.”
– Ian T. Douglas, Bishop,  Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

“A creatively conceived, unique book – rich in its grasp of Paul, sensitive in its articulation of contemporary issues for Christians.”
– Harvey Guthrie, Dean emeritus, Episcopal Divinity School Cambridge, MA