Yes, Nancy, you have

On 8/15/2014 3:20 PM, Nancy Pelosi wrote:

Sorry to email you again, Christopher. (I think it’s the 4th time this week?)
I know you’ve gotten emails from President Obama and Vice President Biden, as well.
I promise it’s all for good reason.

We keep emailing because we have to catch up to Boehner.

This week, he launched $30 million worth of anti-Obama attack ads. And voters around the country will be seeing those ads from now until election day.
The only way we can respond to this barrage of attacks is if you keep chipping in. We’re down to our last 6 hours and still coming up $26,629 short. Can I count on you today?
On 8/15/2014  3:54 PM  Christopher L. Webber wrote:
Yes, Nancy, you have mailed me often and so have many others – but the lesson I took away from Eric Cantor’s recent loss was that money doesn’t determine outcomes.  I will not give simply to try to match Republican or Koch brothers spending because they will then have an excuse to spend more and there’s no end of it.  If I saw the President taking a bold stand on immigrants or climate change or a dozen other issues, I might be more motivated but as it is I think I can make more of a difference supporting the ACLU or Sierra Club or an organization dedicated to making more of a difference than the Democratic Party seems able to do.
Christopher L. Webber

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