The Fame of the Name

Finally today came a revised cover for my next book with my middle initial in place.  It’s the second time this publisher has tried to put my name out there in incomplete form.  Why does this matter?  Because I’m not the only Chris Webber out there and – in some circles at least – not the ChrisWBurgerKmost famous!

Now, maybe you follow the NBA and want to tell me that Chris Webber retired six years ago.  Yes, but he’s back – selling hamburgers.  I will not use this space to advertise the product but with this sponsorship my alter ego is likely to be more famous than ever and the resulting confusion even greater as I set out to sell my new books and he sets out to sell an alternative product.

So here’s what you should know.  HE is Edward Mayce Christopher Webber (really! Who knew!) and I am plain and simple Christopher L. Webber.  He’s also taller than I am.

(Of course, if people looking to buy a burger from Chris Webber wind up at my web site and buy a book instead – who am I to complain?)

What book(s)?  Stay tuned

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