I’m not good at using “links” but when I get referred to as “an expert on Episcopal Church polity” it seems as if I ought to try at least to provide one for those who may not recognize me by that title. Therefore and herewith to wit:

If it doesn’t work, you could also try “news@episcopal church.org” and see what happens.

I would simply add, in my own defense, that an e-mail from Episcopal News Service asked me whether I would be willing to be interviewed on the subject and, of course, I (always a glutton for publicity) said I would. I then made some hasty notes, had my interview (the next day) and then made the tactical error of sending the interviewer my notes. The result is the use of words like “bizarre” and “weird” which I would probably not use in a more carefully considered argument.

On the other hand, maybe it makes the point better than careful language would do.


“Sandra”: You asked for more information about my current writing project. I’ll try to do a post on that in the next day or two, but would appreciate guidance as to the nature of your interest: idle curiosity, expert in a field I mentioned, etc.

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