One Thing Leads to Another

Snowdrops and crocuses are lovely to look at but certain signs of spring bring certain tasks to the fore. Is it time, I was asked, to move the snow blower out of the garage? It could snow in April – it’s happened before – but it’s not likely to require the use of a snow blower, so, yes, it could be moved. It takes up space in the garage, restricts the opening of car doors and the free movement of the citizens, so when spring comes, the blower goes.

Of course, it doesn’t go without being propelled nor does it simply vanish; it has to go somewhere else. That “else” is in the shed across the driveway from the garage. The shed has had its annual spring workout during the syrup season, but that’s over so the snow blower can go back there to its summer quarters.

But for the snow blower to go to its place behind the evaporator requires moving the wheelbarrow and tractor which otherwise block access to the space behind the evaporator. And once the wheel barrow and tractor are moved out, the mower deck (not needed yet) has to be relocated, and some sap buckets and rolls of chicken wire moved, and then I might as well sweep the place out with an old broom that sweeps sufficiently clean. And then the snow blower can be jimmied into the space behind the evaporator, (blocking access to the cider press which won’t be needed for awhile yet), the tractor and wheelbarrow can be moved back into place, the sap buckets can be put away, and life can move into spring mode.

Move the snow blower? No problem. But moving everything else took most of the morning. That’s what happens when the crocuses come up.

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