One Vote for John Edwards

The first major event on the primary schedule is February 5 with some 20 states voting and many delegates elected. One vote has already been cast – mine. I won’t be in town on the 5th, so for the first time in my life I have cast an absentee ballot. The folks in Sharon won’t known until the 5th how I voted, but I can tell you now – be the first to know! – I voted for John Edwards.


Well, because he sounds to me most like what I thought the Democratic party was all about: the people who need government on their side: the unemployed and underemployed and handicapped (by race or sex or whatever). People who need better medical care. People who want a chance at a good education. People who just need some help for whatever reason. The issue is not the war or the economy; it’s about people. That’s what I hear Edwards saying.

We have had eight years of tax breaks for the wealthy and the incorporated, the people who have had every advantage already. John Edwards made his own breaks. Not everyone can, and he knows that. I’m not sure the other candidates really do.

I’d happily support Barack Obama. But when I went to his web site for information, they asked me to give them my e-mail address. That’s backwards. First tell me what you’re about and then ask me to sign in.

I’d happily support Hillary Clinton. They say she’s really funny and friendly close up, but she comes across as too cool and controlled. In spite of the tears in New Hampshire, I’m not sure whether her priority is herself or others. And eight years of Bill was more than enough. He was doing a lot of good before he got involved in this campaign; now we’re seeing too much of his ego and arrogance. Put Hillary in the White House and Bill will be there too. Enough already!

So I voted for John Edwards. Go and do thou likewise and maybe we can shake this thing up!

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LibbyJanuary 23rd, 2008 at 6:25 am

we don’t vote until the 12th, by which time they tell us it will all be over. I’m still waffling, myself, though Obama still seems the symbolically interesting candidate, if that makes sense. I feel grateful, though, that all of them are so much better than the other set of options.

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