Report from the Real World

Sometime I would like to have a map made dividing the United States into areas according to the name given to what I call pancakes. They were hot cakes in Maryland this weekend, but I have also seen them called flap jacks, griddle cakes, and flannel cakes, to say nothing of Johnny cakes and corn fritters. And then there’s the question of what to put on them. I can’t imagine using anything but maple syrup, but most people don’t live in maple country and have to use Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup (as I did this weekend) or some other substitute. In Maryland you can also have them with gravy! I remembered an old song that no one else I asked seemed to know:
I love my wife,
Love my baby,
Love my biscuits
Sopped in gravy.
Gravy on pan cakes? You have to be kidding! But I saw people eating them that way and it helps me to understand why people voted for George Bush.

It’s good to get out every now and again and remember the diversity of this country. I came by a billboard saying “US out of UN.” There were NRA bumper stickers and gun shops advertising their wares.

We stayed in a motel located next to a 24-hour gas station at the intersection of two major highways. The gas station added to the decibel level by blasting pop music into the heavy air. Surprisingly, the motel’s insulation was up to the challenge and sleep was possible.

In the morning, I wandered over to the mini-mart operated by the gas station and checked out their breakfast offerings. They had coffee and juice on tap but after that it was subs and sandwiches or stuff in packages: candy, cookies, and potato chips. I counted 72 different kinds of potato chips – and that’s not counting the many varieties of pretzels and pork rinds and other similar offerings. Many of the customers were clearly happy with such a diet – and showed it. All that choice and nothing I wanted.

It’s a big country – and not everyone is an Episcopalian!

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