Wild Life

Our older daughter and her family were here for a few days earlier this week. My favorite moment of the visit came in the middle of a quiet afternoon when she looked up from her reading and said in a matter of fact voice, “There’s a bear on the deck.”

Plate glass sliders separate the living area from the deck so you get a good view of a bear there.

Attention was paid, but the bear didn’t stay long. The bird feeder wasn’t out so there was nothing to hold his interest.

But there’s something about a bear a few feet away that does get your attention. I know how Hrothgar felt when Grendel showed up.

It happened again this evening. This time I was sitting with my back to the sliders and began to hear sounds as of movement, bumping and thumping behind me. I didn’t think Peg was out there, so I looked around. Another bear. He was trying to slide the screen door open with his nose. Fortunately the solid glass door was closed and locked, but suppose he leaned on it?

I got up for a better look – and there was a second bear, somewhat larger than the first. But we had taken the bird feeder in for the night so they lost interest quickly and moseyed on down the road.

Just one of those things that makes life in the country interesting. Hrothgar knew all about it.

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