It happened again tonight. It happens too often.

They were running through the stories that would be covered in the course of the broadcast of the evening news and mentioned the story about a terrorist plot to attack Kennedy Airport. As they mentioned it, we saw several images flash by, a few seconds for each. And one of them was of a group of Muslims bowing in prayer.

I know how I would react if Al Jazeera or any other mid-eastern network made it a habit to show pictures of Christians at prayer every time they talked about the latest developments in Iraq.

In fact, I suspect there is a connection between certain forms of Christianity and the American presence in Iraq, and perhaps there is a connection between certain forms of Islam and terrorism. But the flashing of such simplistic images at an almost subliminal level is not conducive to intelligent discussion of current issues and certainly not conducive to inter-faith understanding.

Keep an eye out, and if you see it happening, send your network an e-mail! It’s something you can do for the cause of peace.

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