Saturday Wisdom

It’s Saturday morning and not a time for deep thinking for most Americans, so we offer some brief commentary on the passing scene and a couple of small bits of collected folk wisdom.

As to the passing scene, the evidence of the decline and fall of western civilization was clear again in the morning edition of the New York Times where we read:

. . . the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study . . . is the remaining remnant of Radcliffe College.

Surely it would have been clearer to say:

. . . the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study . . . is the last remaining remnant of the residuum of Radcliffe College.

Then there was the invitation, that I accepted, to speak in a nearby parish about “New Paradigms of Biblical Study.” Not being too sure what that meant, I did my research and have learned that:

New paradigms like old paradigms are still only worth twenty cents.

And finally, for the politically aware, comes the wisdom of the ages:

You can lead a Bush to slaughter but you can’t make him think.
– Sheik Al-Wabba, c. 1392

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