My Audience

Most bloggers, I suspect, harbor secret doubts that anyone ever reads their blogs except family and close, very close (or coerced) friends. Thus any evidence to the contrary is always welcome.

I keep in memory the story of the Baptist preacher in Texas who decided that blogging was trendy and he should give it a try. The months went by and a phone call came from a major publisher to say, “We think you have a book there.” And he did.

But that was he and this is me; I still lacked much evidence of a wider public for my words. Last week there was evidence. A message arrived from “Pub Guy” – a wonder I didn’t erase it in the midst of all the unsolicited stuff that clogs my in box – asking whether he could interview me.

The secret doubts still rose. Who me? Who are you? Brief research, logging onto his blog, revealed that he is in the publishing business and fills his blog with interviews he has done with various under-appreciated authors.

So why not? I sent off a “Yes” – and it bounced. Well, of course; not real after all. I sent a comment to his blog that his e-mail address wasn’t working. 48 hours more of doubts, verging on certainty.

Wrong again. Today an e-mail interview arrived. I provided answers and wait to see whether it is duly posted.

Still secretly doubting.

But keep an eye, dear family (and friends?), on Who knows; maybe someone other than family is indeed looking in.

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